Gnaw Their Tongues

With Maurice de Jong

Roadburn Festival lineups are full of pleasant surprises, but perhaps the biggest shocker for me this year was the announcement that Maurice de Jong ("Mories"), that twisted multi-instrumentalist behind various black, drone, and Avantgarde metal projects, would be performing under his Gnaw Their Tongues moniker on the Afterburner. I saw an opportunity and jumped at it. After contacting him and agreeing to set an interview up for the Roadburn Saturday after Botanist's set, sure enough we met up in the Dudok restaurant at the festival grounds afterwards. He kindly bought me a beer, and with his wife (girlfriend?) in quiet attendance, he sat down with me for a pleasant and interesting conversation. I really must say that this guy is virtually the complete antithesis of his music. If you were to judge him purely on the basis of his projects, you'd probably think he's some sort of lunatic with violent sexual fetishes. But on the contrary, he is one of the most friendly, generous, and easy going musicians I have ever met through the metal scene, and I cannot thank him enough for taking the time out to chat with me. <a href="/pub/interview.php?interview_id=720>Read more…</a>