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In our new feature, Triple Play, Euro Rock Scene asks our favorite up-and-coming bands to have each member to give a detailed description of their Top Three favorite songs in order to give their listeners a better idea of the music that has inspired them as individuals and the band as a whole.

This time we’ve asked One Way to Live, a post-hardcore/metal act from Colorado, USA to give us some insight into the music that inspires them. One Way to Live formed in 2015 and released their debut self-titled EP the same year.


Ryan (Clean Vocals/Guitar)

The top three songs I chose mean a lot to me in the developmental aspect of my own music career. They have all impacted me as a guitarist and as an aspiring songwriter. It is viciously difficult to pick only three songs out of all the different music we listen to, so here are the ones that have impacted me musically.

“Hearts Burst Into Fire” by Bullet For My Valentine – When I first heard this song it pressed all the right buttons with me. This song packs plenty of drive with the rhythms and explosive leads. I was raised on 80s power ballads and hair bands, and stylistically that type of music really paved the way for this song. It hit home when I first listened to it. It is a really well-rounded song that utilizes those 80s elements with today’s metal. Tapping leads and sheer guitar tone were enough to keep me hooked to this day; elements that I love to try to implement in my own playing/writing.

Watch “Fade to Black” on YouTube

“Fade to Black” by Metallica – Another one of those pivotal songs in my lifetime. I heard this track around the same time I heard “One,” and honestly it was a really hard choice for me to decide between the two. This is one of the first tracks where the transition from clean guitar to distorted with long solos made its ways into my ears. This song from beginning to end never ceases to captivate my attention and I want to dissect every note played. This song also contained one of the first pieces of finger picked style guitar I ever tried to learn.

Watch “My Only Home” on YouTube

“My Only Home” by As I Lay Dying – As I Lay Dying is one of the bands that if they weren’t a thing, I wouldn’t be playing music. They were my first experience with super riffy metal. They flirted with 80s thrash and threw harsher vocals and soaring choruses that just can’t be topped. I chose this particular song due to its grooviness and hard hitting chorus. The intro riff is one of my favorites to play because of how spread out the riff is, and the constant fretting patterns. The chorus in this song has such a good dynamic to it, you can’t help but sing along 110%. I wish I could write music half as well as those dudes can! Haha.


Schraeder (Lead Vocals)

Through a plethora of options, I went with some of my all-time favorites. Each song is absolutely killer and has a unique significance to me. I have a diverse taste and certainly found it difficult to pick only three songs, but here it goes:

“Between The Lines” by The Ghost Inside – This song brought me into hardcore music. After a while of witnessing family and friends throughout the scene going to shows weekly, I finally caught a spark. My cousin had showed me this band when I was in high school. I decided to listen to The Ghost Inside’s Faith Or Forgiveness record, followed by the song “Between the Lines” when Returners was released. I found out they were rolling in town in 2011 with Parkway Drive, Set Your Goals, and Gravemaker, so I got a ticket to go with some friends. “Between The Lines” holds its significance because of this show, specifically through the crowd that night. During the Ghost Inside’s set, “Between The Lines” dropped and there were several fights breaking out; my friend lost his shoe, and I’m sure it was the same night a buddy got his tooth knocked out by an off-duty security guard. In response, the band stopped playing. The lead vocalist of the Ghost Inside, Jon, saw the fights break out and stopped the whole set until people chilled out and the remainder of the band refused to play if it continued. The lyrical content of “Between The Lines” ironically addresses a message directed at someone who was giving up on their vision instead of standing their ground, which at the time resembled the situation. I had the impression a frontman would have let hell break loose, but I was shocked to see the opposite. Now, I remember that moment to inspire a positive attitude on stage, and to remind myself how important it is to be myself and stay true to my beliefs.

Watch “Home is for the Heartless” on YouTube

“Home Is For The Heartless” (feat. Brett Gurewitz) by Parkway Drive – Parkway Drive is my favorite metalcore band because of their unmatched eclectic performances, however I chose this song for the lyrical content. When I was a drummer in a band in high school, the vocalist (who then inspired me to learn vocals), showed me a deeper meaning to this song. This song was what inspired me to become a vocalist, and really served as an outlet for that teenage angst, haha. Nonetheless, the song helped me cope with my sense of disposition, and still does. As an outcast growing up, this song connected me with the genre and culture which I’m passionate about today.

Watch “Wherever I May Roam” on YouTube

“Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica – This song is sort of off the grid from hardcore and metalcore, but still one of the heaviest songs I’ve heard. Metallica could easily be considered one of the purveyors of heavy music, inspiring the birth of hardcore and metalcore with the big four. Thrash is the core of core, and this song features one of my favorite scales in its composition, which inspires my writing.


Jacob (Lead Guitar)

“The Sound of Truth” by As I Lay Dying – As I Lay Dying will always remain one of my favorite bands. They really represent everything I want to accomplish in a band with captivating melodies and lyrical content that is thought provoking.

Watch “Six” on YouTube

“Six” by All That Remains – This one is a bit of throwback for me. I learned this song early in my experience playing guitar. It’s such a great mixture of thrash and melody and it’s such a dynamic song that influences how I write music.

Watch “Of Proxy” on YouTube

“Of Proxy” by Tesseract – I’ve always been a fan of progressive music. Time signature changes keep things interesting even through fifteen minute songs. Tesseract’s “Of Proxy” is one of those songs that I can never skip. The lyrics are deep and the instrumentation is so complex yet easy to listen to. Add their touch of ambience in and you end up with a brilliant song.


Dylan (Bass)

These three songs have influenced me as a musician and as a listener in many different ways.

“Master of Puppets” by Metallica – Metallica is still the band to listen to no matter what generation you may be. I started off listening to Metallica since I was born, but listened to mostly “The Black Album.” When I first heard “Master of Puppets,” my jaw dropped so hard. I wouldn’t be a musician if it weren’t for this song or album. Cliff Burton has been a big impact on my playstyle and it says it in this song. The fastpace guitar riffs are so intense and the drums back them up so nicely. The bass is fast but keeps in line with the drums as the backbone. The instrumentation in this song is tremendous and makes this an instant classic.

Watch “Raining Blood” on YouTube

“Raining Blood” by Slayer – Slayer is the band every metal fan would mention to any first listener to any heavy metal genre. Any fan of the band, likely any fan of metal, would mention “Raining Blood.” This song is so vicious and heart pumping, you just want to start a fight with someone within your vicinity. It’s my favorite thrash song of all time. The grinding riffs and the high-pounding drums just complements the disturbing lyrics to make the vintage sound of 80s thrash. Not only did it influence future thrash bands, but metal music as a whole for decades to come.

Watch “Within Destruction” on YouTube

“Within Destruction” by As I Lay Dying – As I Lay Dying is still probably my favorite metalcore band, even if they aren’t together anymore. Their technical riffs are intense, but are accented by the melodic bridges and choruses. I didn’t know which song to choose from this impressive discography, but I ended up choosing one of their faster songs. “Within Destruction” is not their most popular song. They definitely have improved from this two form song, but the fast playstyle and complicated riffs is why Nick and Phil are one of my favorite guitar duos, not to forget the equally impressive drum playing from Jordan. Tim also shows off his outstanding style of screaming, using his highs and lows to put the cherry on top of a fast song that will keep you pumped, even during the fade out.


Kevin (Drums)

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses – This song holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first music video I ever watched and it made me want to learn how to play guitar and start a band.

Watch “Downfall of us All” on YouTube

“Downfall of us All” by A Day To Remember – Not only was ADTR one of the first core bands I listened to, this song was also the very first song I learned to play on drums, and launched me into being a drummer instead of a guitar player.

Watch “Forgive and Forget” on YouTube

“Forgive and Forget” by Miss May I – Prior to playing our very first show as a band, we were throwing around different songs that we could cover at the show. We all landed on this song because it was in the vein of what we strived to sound like as far as our own music went, and it pushed all of us to play better than we were able to.


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