Triple Play with Army Of The Universe

In our new feature, Triple Play, Euro Rock Scene asks our favorite up-and-coming bands to have each member to give a detailed description of their Top Three favorite songs in order to give their listeners a better idea of the music that has inspired them as individuals and the band as a whole.

This time we’ve asked Army Of The Universe, an Industrial Rock Band from Milan, Italu to give us some insight into the music that inspires them.  Army Of The Universe is currently on tour with The Birthday Massacre.

Lord K (Vocals)

“Lost Boys” – The 69 Eyes
It reminds me of good times hangin out with my gang at night raising hell in bars or in the streets.

“Maybe Tomorrow” – Stereophonics
This is THE song I wanted to write in my life. Three notes, pure heart.

Watch “Maybe Tomorrow” on YouTube

“Sensible Shoes” – David Lee Roth
This one is about details, you know, sexy is back in town and you need somebody to whisper it in your ears…

Watch “Sensible Shoes” on YouTube

Trebla (Keyboards)

“Disarm” – Smashing Pumpkins
It’s tough to say why I love this song so much, it’s some how inside me and I love to let it out by singing it in my car!

“Digital Bath” – Deftones
My own personal emotional trip. It’s a beautiful piece of art made of incredible melodies.

Watch “Digital Bath” on YouTube

“Firestarter” – The Prodigy
My own personal electric trip. This is what gives me adrenaline, of course.

Watch “Firestarter” on YouTube

Dave (Guitar)

“Lullaby” – The Cure

It’s been my wake up call for many years, always loved the irony of waking up on a lullaby.

“Hide & Seek”- Imogen Heap

No other song put me in a state of peace like this one.

Watch “Hide & Seek” on YouTube

“Children of the Revolution” – T.Rex

I mean… singing: “I drive a Rolls Royce ’cause is good for my voice”.

Watch “Children of the Revolution” on YouTube

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