Triple Play with the Midnight Marionettes

In our new feature, Triple Play, Euro Rock Scene asks our favorite up-and-coming bands to have each member to give a detailed description of their Top Three favorite songs in order to give their listeners a better idea of the music that has inspired them as individuals and the band as a whole.

We’re kicking off Triple Play with the Midnight Marionettes, a goth rock group from Denver, Colorado, USA. The Midnight Marionettes formed in 2015 and are about the release their debut album, They Only Come Out at Night, produced by the legendary Dennis Shinn.


The Midnight Marionettes would like to thank Euro Rock Scene for inviting us to talk about our favorite music.  Each of us has a very different and eclectic list for our top three all-time favorite songs.  

Mikey (Drums):

“Band on the Run” by Wings – This song made me want to play music.  The arrangement and song structure is so strong and sticks in your head with its catchy bass lines and vocals.  Wings also turned me into a Beatles fan since Paul is in both bands.  The Beatles are also one of my favorite bands ever, due to their strong three-part harmonies, sick guitars and bass, and creative drums.

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“Psychosocial” by Slipknot – The first time I heard these guys I thought to myself, “Man, those guitars and bass are really heavy!” and I instantly became a fan. The drums are amazing.  Joey is a super-talented drummer and musician. Corey’s vocals are so heavy and outstanding, with great lyrics, patterns, and melodies that are really different than other bands.  These guys have been a huge inspiration to my drumming style and songwriting.  

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“Big Me” by The Foo Fighters – When David Growl first came out with the album “Foo Fighters,” I could not stop listening to it!  This album was so good that it inspired me to write music. When I was writing The Midnight Marionettes album They Only Come Out at Night, I thought a lot about David Growl’s musica writing accomplishments, and I brought that mindset to my music.

These are not the only songs/bands that I listen to.  I consider myself to be very eclectic.  I like everything from 80’s music, jazz, country, bluegrass, EDM, dub step (excision), and big band: pretty much anything and everything.  I just love music.  


Starla (Vocals):

“Clown” by Switchblade Symphony – I was 14 the first time I heard this song in my friend Ashley’s basement.  She was one of the cool alternative kids that I had begun surrounding myself with in my tiny home town of Moore, Oklahoma.  I was covered in goosebumps when I first heard the synths and all-female vocals!  I had never heard anything like it before, and that was when I knew I wanted to make dark music.  I felt at home for the first time in this music; all the pieces just seemed to softly fit together.  Tina Root’s creepy operatic vocal style made a huge impact on my vocal style from that moment forward.  This was also my gateway album into gothic industrial. It was like a door opened up and allowed me to feel a sense of wonder and rebirth during a very tumultuous adolescence.  

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“The End” by The Doors – I think my dad was pumping Jim Morrison into my mind even when I was in the womb.  This song has been in the soundtrack of my life since I can remember.  The moment I hear the first guitar riffs I start to go into a hypnotic state.  Everyone always freaks out on the Oedipus Complex in this song, but my favorite lyrics are, “All the children are insane!  Waiting for the summer rain.”  This song has always been my idea of music as magic.  I love how dark and mysterious Jim Morrison’s lyrics and poetry are.  I don’t care what anyone says – he was a pure genius.  It made me want to perform and write poetry because Jim Morrison made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the way that I’ve always viewed the world.  I also felt like Jim Morrison was really shy and a closet literary geek like me, and I always connected to him for that reason.  It gave me the belief that I could be an artist as well.  

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“Four Rusted Horses” by Marylin Manson has been a go to song for the last couple of years.  I really love the lyrics, “Everyone will come to my funeral to make sure that I stay dead.”  It makes me laugh when I’m at my lowest points because I imagine that when I die it will be at an odd and unexpected time, like everything in my life, and no one will want to believe it actually happened.  I’ve loved listening to Manson since I was 12.  He has the same effect on me as Jim Morrison.  I go into a hypnotic state that can’t really be replicated by most music.  His work seems to come from a jagged and raw place that is unabashedly real.  This is something I am attempting to do with with my music and lyrics.  


Roger (Guitar):

This is a question I feel I’ve been asked many times throughout the years that I have been in bands. Being an avid fan of all kinds of music, it’s hard to nail down a top three. Mainly, I find myself listening to songs more often when they fit a certain mood or capture a general emotion of what is going on in my life at the time. At this particular time, the songs that have resonated best with me would be as follows:

“Feel It All Around” by Washed Out – If you’re not familiar with the song or the band, it was used as the theme song to Portlandia on IFC. Watching that show with friends, I always loved that song. However, I never really looked into who wrote it or what it was titled. It was only years later that I found myself at a coffee shop and that was playing the music of Washed Out. That band’s sound mixing with that coffee house vibe is what made me fall in love with the song. After which, I frantically searched the internet, finding out what I could about the band. To this day, “Feel It All Around” is still a top pick on my daily playlist. It goes well with coffee. Definitively give it a try sometime.

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Next would have to be “Show Yourself” by Mastodon. After the last Mastodon album, I knew their latest release would be just as amazing. In their The Making Of The Emperor Of Sand film, Mastodon talks about how the main inspiration behind the album was a close family member’s battle with cancer. I will never forget Eric Sander’s words, “Cancer will touch your life at some point or another.” Cancer hasn’t touched my life yet, but for now, I treat the message metaphorically. I feel that this is a time to shed myself of all the toxic people and toxic environments that I have surrounded myself with on a daily basis. It’s a time to progress and not let any negativity stand in the way. That is my daily battle. The song kicks right off with a chorus hook that just forces you to listen to the whole thing and it’s over before you know it, which is definitely a big reason as to why I listen to it over and over again.

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Last on my list would be “El Manana” by Gorillaz. This is a band that periodically pops in and out of my life. In a way, I feel like the Gorillaz pop into my life when I need them to. I know this song in particular may seem like a random one, but it has the type of melancholy vibe that just lulls my fast paced subconscience. In a time when you feel as though life is moving at the rate of a million miles per hour, it’s nice to have something that reminds you to slow down and take a breath. It allows me to just sit back, relax and not worry so much about what’s going on in the world around me for three minutes and fifty-six seconds.


Aubrey (Bass):

One of the songs I was always drawn to was “Evidence” by Marilyn Manson. During the time that song was released I was going through some pretty rough times regarding relationship troubles. I also got my first tattoo of the “No Reason” spiral heart, from the “Eat me, Drink me” album, on my shoulder. Thus, I carry with me my past and my mistakes as a reminder that we all grow and evolve as people. It’s up to you and your passion in life to help push you through. My escape was music.

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Another song would be “All is Full of Love” by Bjork – strange I know. However, I resonate with that song and the way it is delivered. No matter what your background, regarding sexuality, race, or personality, the world tries to oppress you by laws on their misunderstanding of human nature. Love will be there and you will fight for it because it’s worth fighting for. I actually want this song played at my funeral to deliver this message to those who attend: a reminder that you should love one another.

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For my last song choice, as it is hard to sum up all my music taste into three choices, I’ll go with what got me into Industrial in the first place. I ranged from Adema, 16volt, NIN, Deadstar Assembly, Crossbreed, Orgy, and Zeromancer. I will go with the song “Stitches” by Orgy. That song pumps me up and I’ll sing it at the top of my lungs. The meaning I take from that song is that if you are feeling empty or hollow, stitch that shit up and be a hollow vessel and dead to the world. Show them what they fear to themselves.


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