The Meads Of Asphodel

With Metatron

As anyone who knows my tastes probably knows, it has become pretty much impossible for me to stay unbiased, or even keep my mouth shut at all, when it comes to The Meads Of Asphodel. My favorite band of my favorite bands, after reviewing a recent split that the UK black metallers put out, I turned my eyes to a bigger, much more exciting objective: interviewing the mysterious vocalist/lyricist at their helm, an ambitious, mysterious individual known only as Metatron. Honored by my request and consideration of him as an interviewee, Metatron and I had a brief little email chat, that was nothing short of a pleasant look inside the mind of an inspired and highly intelligent artist who I've been admiring for quite some time. <a href="/pub/interview.php?interview_id=724>Read more…</a>